Why Hire The W Law Firm ?

Mr. Wilkison treats each and every client as though they are the only client.

One of the most common complaints about attorneys is that they do not communicate with their clients. Mr. Wilkison prides his practice on communication with the client. Clients are fully aware of what is going on in their case by having access to their electronic file that can be securely accessed anytime, anywhere. This enables the clients to see in real time what is being worked on in their case.

Time and time again the accussed are persuaded into taking plea agreements. Mr. Wilkison is a trial attorney, not a plea attorney. His courtroom presence is known as soon as he is retained by the client.

When dealing with the prosecution, it is best to be at least one step ahead. Mr. Wilkison knows how the other side works, thinks and acts because of his trials he did at the prosecutors office in anticipation of being a criminal defense attorney. Learning how the prosecutor works is good, knowing how they work is better.

In Civil matters, more than 95% of the time the lawsuit is settled. This is largely because the companies that are being sued do not want the matter “going public.” As a result, the large firm attorneys representing the companies hardly ever see the inside of a courtroom. Mr. Wilkison practically lives inside the courtroom and is not intimidated by the threat of going to trial.

The courtroom can be an intimidating place. By hiring The W Law Firm, peace of mind and confidence in knowing that you are in good hands is immediately obtained.

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