Lawyer David Wilkison criminal defense attorney in front of court house Arizona

David Wilkison
Owner of The W Law Firm

About David Wilkison

Mr. Wilkison has years of experience working on high level felony cases.

From DUI to First Degree Murder, Mr. Wilkison has dealt with prosecutors and law enforcement to get the best possible outcome for his clients.

Mr. Wilkison has litigated criminal matters ranging from misdemeanors to felonies, with the emphasis on each case being client satisfaction. He has represented clients in misdemeanor and superior courts, MVD Executive Hearings, Rule 11 compentency hearings, Simpson hearings and appellate courts.

He has handled over 1,000 criminal cases and has argued in front of the Arizona Court Appeals for Special Actions.

Mr. Wilkison prides himself on being part of the 5% of all attorneys in the nation that take the legal battle to the courtroom and litigate. He is passionate about his career and it shows.

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